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Lachapelle-Auzac, France | 2013 | photo: Eric Cabanis

If the tires look greener on the other side, it is probably astroturf. — Koppy Gumbel

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the pile of tires grows, by itself. — Kopsuo Basho

Pigs eat car tires if they are very hungry, but they can’t use it as a regular source of food. — Marvin Kopjes

I had to live in the desert before I could understand the full value of a tree in a tire dump. — Ella Kopjes

I love the pile of tires coming up to meet the willow. — Jilly Kopjes

May you live to see the pile of car tires growing over your grave. — Frank R. Kopton

You could cover the whole earth with car tires, but sooner or later a tree would break through. — Ilya Ehrenkopjes

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing tires, I can appreciate persistence. — Hal Kopland

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