unhappy monkeys

‘You live in the future. So do I. We all do. It’s monkey nature. However, there are times — such as during a pandemic — when this nature makes us suffer.
We are “prospective” creatures. We spend 30 to 50 percent of our self-generated thought contemplating the distant future. Meditators speak of the monkey mind: The monkey doesn’t want to sit still; he wants to swing off to the next tree and see what’s up there.
The prospective monkey in our minds wants to see lots of tasty fruit, and have a way to get it; the best way to frustrate him is an empty tree, or one where the fruit is out of his reach. The result is a lot of unhappy monkeys.’

Lord Greystoke Kopjes, What to do when the future feels hopeless

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tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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Kopjes Kattenoppas

Kopjes Kattenoppas

tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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