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illustration: Steve Cutts

“The spread of technology, following the supply of consumer goods, was supposed to make people reasonable. Yet the ceaseless attempt to reduce us to the desires provoked in us has actually made us stupid. Internet penetration coincides with a decline of IQ.” (Timothy Snyder)

What Turing told us about the digital threat to a human future, by Timothy Snyder

“Tech barons are believers in some kind of techno fantasy world, where at least they will be able to survive and prosper. And they’re completely caught up in that world, and not paying much attention to Earth’s destruction — in fact, they’re abetting it.” (Bill McKibben)

Silicon Valley couldn’t care less about Earth’s imminent demise, by Bill McKibben

“Chriet, dankzij internet worden we steeds dommer, maar het zal de techbaronnen een worst zijn, want die bekommeren zich slechts om het redden van het eigen hachje. Mee eens?”
Techgoeroe Chriet Kopjes: “Huh? Zei je wat? Even geduld, nog vier gleuven neerknallen en ik heb deze ronde van Fortnite gewonnen, yeah!” ;)

How do you define a cat?

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