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Mr Lemmon’s office | Emerson high school, Gary, Indiana | photo: Nathan Ortiz

Every dream has a process and a price tag. Those who embrace the process and pay the price, live the dream. Those who don’t, just dream.
— Jeremy Riddle

The teacher feels the pulse of a burning passion and communicates that heat at every opportunity. He or she lives the dream, breathes the vision, sleeps the mission, and eats the goals every day. The teacher shares those goals all the time with everyone. It is a vibration the entire school can feel.
— Phil Kople

Often the biggest dreamers get hurt the most. They were pure in their insanity and in their isolation. They were living the dream amongst themselves and didn’t realize it. It’s when they invited the pupils inside their world that everything went wrong.
— Harmony Kopine

How do you define a cat?

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