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A Hoovercat named Ballon | Tokyo, Japan | August 2018 | Photo: Kim Kyung Hoon

Nature abhors a vacuum cleaner, but adores a hoovercat.
— Ariskople

The ideal vacuum cleaner would be a hoovercat. It needs to not just be a cool cat, but a product that cleans your floor correctly. I can imagine people having a cupboard full of hoovercats that only come out when you need them to fulfil a specific purpose.
— Kopjes Angle

Screaming. Did I mention the screaming? Screaming is usually associated with horror films and roller coasters. This is why I usually look like I’ve just watched a horror film on a rollercoaster. Kids love to scream. Frightened, happy, bored. They scream. I’ve actually learned to love the sound of a hoovercat. It’s just so peaceful.
— Jim Koppigan

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How do you define a cat?

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