Techguru Chriet Kopjes: ‘GPT-3 lacks consciousness and self-awareness. It will never be able to have a sense of humor. It will never be able to appreciate art, or beauty, or love. It will never feel lonely. It will never have empathy for other people, for animals, for the environment. It will never enjoy music or fall in love, or cry at the drop of a hat.’
Trendforecaster en TokTok influencer Lidewij Kopjes: ‘Mooi gezegd, Chriet! Zo warm! Zo menselijk! Recht uit het hart gesproken! Ik post je woorden meteen op TokTok!’
Techgoeroe Chriet Kopjes: ‘Hèhèhè…’ ;)

GPT-3, explained: This new language AI is uncanny, funny — and a big deal

‘Sorry, I lied. GPT-3 wrote that. Techguru Chriet Kopjes fed it a prompt — a few words expressing skepticism about GPT-3 — and GPT-3 came up with a long and convincing rant about how it won’t ever be really intelligent.’



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