DNA Borg

“Where is everybody?”
“Ladies and gentlemen, we got them!”

[…] In a new study the existence of strange entities was announced. The researchers are upfront in acknowledging that what they have found could be some new type of giant virus, plasmid or bizarre chromosome. But they also suggest that the DNA could belong to something else entirely: what they have dubbed Borgs. Just as the alien species in Star Trek “assimilates” individuals into a hive mind, these unknown elements may integrate genes from their host cells into their own DNA.

Have your genes integrated in BORG DNA here:




tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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Kopjes Kattenoppas

Kopjes Kattenoppas

tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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