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“CatVR is really a new feline communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the cats in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your cats online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

“It is possible to build a CatVR generator whose repertoire includes every possible feline environment, including catnip-level nirvana!”
— Purk Purrenberg

“I have a feeling CatVR will further expose the conceit that ‘reality’ is a fact. It will provide another reminder of the seamless continuity between the world outside and the world within, delivering another major hit to the old fraud of objectivity. ‘Real,’ as Fritz the Cat put it, ‘is going to be one of the most relative words we’ll have.’
— John Purry Meowlow

Cat art is the principal way in which the feline mind has tried to remake the world in a way that makes sense. The carefully edited, slow-motion, action replay of a mouse tackle, a bird catch or a sex act has more significance than the original event. Thanks to CatVR, we will soon be moving into a world where a heightened super-reality will consist entirely of action replays, and feline reality will therefore be all the more rich and meaningful.
— J.G. Purrard

How do you define a cat?

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