Brain gym

“Wat doe jij om jong en fit te blijven?”
“Ik laat iedere middag m’n neuronen minimaal een uur fanatiek pingen in brain gym Rocky.”

Brain ‘noise’ keeps nerve connections young | MedicalXpress

[…] Some neurotransmitter-packed droplets are released at the synapse even in the absence of electrical impulses. These miniature release events — or minis — have long been regarded as ‘background noise’.
[…] If neurons in the brain were a network of computers, evoked releases would be packets of data through which the machines exchange information, whereas minis would be pings — brief electronic signals that determine if there is a connection between two computers. Minis are the pings that neurons use to say ‘I am connected.’
[…] Increasing the frequency of minis kept synapses intact and preserved the motor ability of middle-aged flies at levels comparable to those of young flies.

Prevent serious brain damage here:




tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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Kopjes Kattenoppas

Kopjes Kattenoppas

tech ethicist | convivial solipsist | bâtaphysicist | qbist

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