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“Professor, trouwe volger Jan Pieter de Vries uit Urk is geheel in de ban van Ayn Rand. Wat vindt u van haar?”
Professor Kopjes: “Als dat zwaar overschatte leeghoofd nog leefde, had ze ongetwijfeld Jeffrey Epstein tot held van haar nieuwe roman gebombardeerd.” ;)

Who is Ayn Rand?

“Rand admired the killer and pedophile William Edward Hickman, and used him as a model for an early fictional character in her first, and unfinished, novel, called “The Little Street.””

Epstein suicide conspiracies show how our information system is poisoned… “The dueling hashtags and their attendant toxicity are a grim testament to our deeply poisoned information ecosystem — one that’s built for speed and designed to reward the most incendiary impulses of its worst actors.”

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How do you define a cat?

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