Maybots | London, 2017 | photo: Peter Nicholls

Brexit is the biggest threat that the Britons face this century, except for AI. I hate to be Cassandra here, but it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a fucking island.
— Ekop Musk

I’m increasingly inclined to think there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the international level, just to make sure that the Britons don’t do something very foolish.
— Ekop Musk

Almost every profession I look at where you require intelligence, I see computers being able to do better than us within the next 10 years. I’m talking about a mass replacement of politicians with artificial intelligence and Maybots.
— Vikop Wadhwa

I think whatever nation or whoever develops one Maybot will probably make it so that artificial intelligence always stays ahead of any other developing artificial intelligence at any other point in time. It might even do things like send viruses to a second artificial intelligence, just so it can wipe it out, to protect its grounds. It’s gonna be very similar to British or American politics.
— Zoltan Istkop

A Maybot can run the country better than a human being. Because human beings are naturally selfish. Human beings are naturally after their own interests. We are geared towards pursuing our own desires, but oftentimes, those desires have contrasts to the benefit of society at large, or against the benefit of the greater good. Whereas, if you have a Maybot, you will be able to program that Maybot to, hopefully, benefit the greatest good, and really go after that.
— Zoltan Istkop

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