A hidden variabele behind entanglement

Kopjes Kattenoppas
1 min readMar 17

In 1949 (!) physicist Chien-Shiung Wu devised an experiment that documented evidence of entanglement. Her findings have been hidden in plain sight for more than 70 years

Entanglement emerges from the most rigorous branches of mathematics and physics yet has poetic appeal. Abner Shimony, a philosopher and physicist, called it “passion at a distance.” Entanglement offers the wild notion that once certain particles or systems interact, they can no longer be described independently of one another. What happens to one, no matter how far it may travel from its entangled partner, instantly affects the other, as decades of evidence now shows.

The characteristics of entangled particles are correlated, without any apparent communication, and at any distance. What’s more, each member of the entangled pair seems to lack a complete set of definite properties until the moment when one partner is measured. Then, instantly, the entangled pair will be in sync — even if the particles have drifted galaxies apart.

The ultimate star-crossed love.

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