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Why you could have ‘face-ism’ — an extreme tendency to judge people based on their facial features

Rapper Geile Frans: ‘’Waarom heb ik de baan niet gekregen?’’
CEO Durk ‘Centurion’ Kopjes: ‘’Je kop staat me niet aan.’’
Rapper Geile Frans: ‘’Nou ja zeg! Vuile face-ist!’’
Ceo Durk ‘Centurion’ Kopjes: ‘’Plus natuurlijk dat je klaarblijkelijk te dom bent om het woord ‘fascist’ goed uit spreken.’’ 🙃

Are you a faceist? Get a first impression here



Dec 1

Cher and a Werewolf at a Buffet in Las Vegas | AI art

Incoherent, creepy and gorgeous: we asked six leading artists to make work using AI — and here are the results

Some combinations of words unleash the truly unexpected from AI art generators, while others result in something flat, or incoherent.

It feels as if you are searching for the right key to the vast banks of imagery that exist on the internet.

AI in its current state is quite literally…



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